🏮 2024 Annual Lamp Offering Registration 常年光明燈登記 
Time Period of Offering 供燈期間:01/01/2024-12/31/2024

    The sutra says that offering a lamp of light to the Buddha has boundless virtues. From it we will have a splendid appearance in future lives and always have a joyful mind. We will be free from sickness, have longevity and great wisdom, and attain Nirvana. In order to facilitate the practice of offering and to allow practitioners to gain merit, Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston offers the public the opportunity to offer the lamps. We can dedicate these merits for the peace and protection of our families, for the increase of our merit and wisdom, and for our health and well-being. We also dedicate the merits to our fellow citizens, the harmony and prosperity of our country, and world peace.

        普德精舍為使十方善信廣植福田,特設年度光明燈福田項目, 以為大眾廣修供養的勝緣。經云:點燈供佛具無量功德;生生世世相貌莊嚴,心常歡喜;資財充足,具大福報;無有病苦,福壽綿長;智慧圓滿,證得涅槃。以此點燈供佛功德,迴向闔家平安,身體健康,福慧增長;社會祥和,風調雨順,國泰民安,世界和平。

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