TFM#12 Aux Frontières, Mouscron (Belgium)
Easter , April 10>12
Tango aux Frontières, chaussée de lille n°210 MOUSCRON Belgium
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registration with a partner also helps make this friendly weekend getaway. Your partner need to send the formular also
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You're coming with some friends who didn't come yet? please write here their name and first name, you'll get priority to register
! vos invités devront s'inscrire personnellement pour valider leur inscription ! your guests will have to register personally to validate their registration
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Do you need a place where to stay?
3 possibilities:
- we have an agreement with Hotel Altia which proposes a very special price for tangueros (Feel free and contact the hotel directly: From 59€/night/double room).
- We also booked a gite nearby (cheaper): we will manage this for you
- and some of you could stay at home (but very few possibilities).
Lodging at gite de la Grande Vellerie: (3kms) 55€ /week-end included brunch at the venue *
Lodging at venue: we have few possibilities to let you staying at home.
shared bedrooms, bathroom: everything to stay during this WE.
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