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Teens ages 14-17 can use this form to submit a book review and earn community service hours from Goleta Valley Library! You will earn two hours of community service per review and you may submit up to 5 total reviews. You are welcome to review print books, eBooks and audiobooks. Reviews will be posted on our website on the Book Reviews by Teens page at https://www.cityofgoleta.org/city-hall/goleta-valley-library/youth/teens/book-reviews-by-teens. If you would like your hours verified, please contact Goleta Valley Library and ask for the Children's Librarian.

Here's how it works!

1) Choose a book that you have not read before. It can be from any genre as long as it is written for Teens!

2) Tell us your thoughts once you've read it. Was it amazing? Just okay? Did you end up not liking it? We want to hear your opinion! Your review could help another reader choose their next book.

3) Check back in a few days to see your review in print on our website!
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Have you already completed the Volunteer Application for Minors? If not, you can download a fillable application here: https://www.cityofgoleta.org/city-hall/goleta-valley-library/youth/teens/volunteer-opportunities. Email your completed form to goletavalleylibrary@cityofgoleta.org. *
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It's review time! Share your feedback about this book. Be sure to include a 2-3 sentence summary of the plot (no spoilers!) and a 2-3 paragraph reflection on what made this book a positive or negative reading experience for you. Whether you loved it or you couldn't stand it, we want to hear why. *
The reviews that are posted on our website include your first name and your grade along with your review. Let us know if you would like your review to be posted anonymously instead. *
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