High Peak PCN GP Practices Enhanced Access Survey
The closing date for this survey is 15 July 2022

Background: Practices within the High Peak have, for a number of years, been providing extra surgery hours outside of standard practice hours. Some of these hours have been solely for the use of a practices patients and some have been available to be booked by any of the 8 High Peak practices patients (listed below). From October 2022 the Government is planning to change how we provide these hours, and enhanced access appointments need to be provided from 6:30pm-8pm Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays) and from 9am -5pm Saturdays. All these appointments need to be available for anyone who is registered with one of the 8 High Peak Practices to book, so there will no longer be appointments solely provided for a practices registered population during these hours.

This survey is seeking your views on the types of appointments that you would like to be able to book in these enhanced access appointments.

Throughout the survey where questions are asked about enhanced access appointments these refer to appointments provided before 8am or between 6.30pm-8.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) or 9am-5pm on Saturdays

If preferred paper copies of this survey will be available at your surgery for you to complete. Please only complete one survey.

Monitoring Information and Privacy: All data will be processed in accordance to the regulations in force at the time of the survey. For further information please see the start of Section 2 - 'About You'

If you have trouble completing this survey please speak to your practice and they will help you.

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Which High Peak PCN GP practice are you currently registered at
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What type(s) of appointment would you find most useful for enhanced access appointments
What type(s) of consultation would you prefer for enhanced access appointments
Where would you like these enhanced access appointments to take place
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