Calling Feedback Form
To improve, you have to hear what you are doing wrong. To not get worse, you need to hear what shouldn't be changed. Please give feedback to Bob Morgan to help him become a better caller. - With thanks to Seth Tepfer for originating this form.

Which event are you giving feedback about? * *
What specific dances stood out as enjoyable, or memorable and why; what walk thrus do you remember making a dance accessible and fun?
You might only remember a piece of the dance. That's fine. It's the why that is important.
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What dances or walkthrus detracted from your dance experience, and why?
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Other areas that could be improved, including attitude, language, energy, set management. Please be specific.
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Other areas that should not change - or have more of.
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Any other comments?
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How long have you been dancing?
Why do you attend dance festivals?
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Anything else I've missed?
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