MIT Action Sustainability Corps (MITASC) Summer 2019 Application
Launched in Spring 2019, MIT Action Sustainability Corps (MITASC, pronounced "My Task") hopes to help MIT students find sustainability-related work opportunities as well as provide a support network, encourage learning about the greater impacts of the work, and foster personal growth.

Why should you join MITASC?
- Dedicated funding and network support to students who are seeking future environment and sustainability work offerings
- Find a cohort of people who have common passions and ambitions
- Support for understanding the big picture impact of your summer work
- Impact future direction of programming and support network at MIT
- Better understand your stance with sustainability through participation in workshops
- Become a mentor to future MITASC cohorts

If you are selected to be a Member of the first MITASC Cohort, you will be required to:
1) Attend three workshops (LUNCH PROVIDED!): Sunday, April 28th, 10AM- 2PM
Friday, May 17th, 10AM - 1PM
Fall 2019 (Date TBD)
2) Contribute one internal (private) and one external (public, for PR) reflection piece to MITASC
and, if applicable, the program through which you are working (i.e. MISTI, UROP, etc.).
3) Present your work to the MIT community after you return in the fall (initial plan: poster
session in Lobby 10. TBD).

Application due by: Friday, March 22nd at 11:59PM
If you will not yet have your placement for this summer by this date, please just tell us as much as you can based on what you know.

Acceptances will be sent out by: Friday, April 5th
MITASC is open to both undergrad and graduate students who will graduate in 2020 or later.

Please reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns.
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What is your personal definition of Sustainability? *
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Describe the work that you'll be doing this summer: *
Provide us a high level understanding. We understand that many students will not know specifics of their work until the summer arrives. If you do not yet know where you will be placed (MISTI, for example) tell us as much as you can about the opportunity. (250 words max)
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What are three questions that you have about sustainability in the industry/field/country where you'll be? *
Some examples: Water purification solutions in India scenario: What are low cost solutions to sustainability problems in developing countries? Oil Company scenario: What are the sustainability issues and complexities in the energy industry that need to be worked on to increase sustainability in the field? Policy work scenario: How do we create bipartisan policy to ensure the success of sustainable policy implementation? (250 words max)
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Please describe how do you think your summer experience can contribute to advancing one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) *
Please visit: to learn more about the UN SDGs (250 words max)
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