APPE Rotation Application
Thank you for your interest in the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) APPE rotation in association management. The deadline for the application, as well as the required supporting documents is 11:59pm EST on December 31. Only two applicants will be chosen for each block. Both you and the experiential coordinator will be notified of your block placement, if selected. Any questions can be emailed to Diana Courtney at

• One page letter of intent expressing your interest in the rotation. Please include career goals, and how the rotation will help you achieve these goals
• One page letter of recommendation from a faculty member, dean, employer or pharmacy mentor, endorsing your interest and ability to succeed in this unique rotation
• Most recent resume of CV.

Please submit electronically to Diana Courtney at or by mailing to NCPA Attn: Diana Courtney 100 Daingerfield Rd. Alexandria, VA 22314. Deadline for electronic time stamp, or post office time stamp is 11:59pm ET on December 31.

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