Early User Experiences with Starlink in Vermont
We're looking to get better information regarding user experiences with the Starlink Beta Test Program to help make better informed decisions regarding access to broadband across other communities in Vermont. Your input is highly valued and much appreciated! In addition, the results will be publicly available after the survey has been closed out.
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What other internet providers are available at your location (e.g., Spectrum, CCI/Fairpoint, etc.)
Speed Test Results
Visit https://www.speedtest.net/ on a device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) that's connected to your Starlink network, initiate the test by hitting the "Go" button, and then submit your test results below.

Please feel free to submit these on a weekly basis if possible.
Ping (ms) - also referred to as "Latency" *
Download Speed (Mbps) *
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Additional Questions
Have you experienced any interruptions in service or notable downtime while using the Starlink network? *
Any other comments or feedback to share regarding your experience with Starlink to date?
Installation Related Questions (only for First Time Responders)
This section is only for first time responders. No need to provide this information if you have already done so in an earlier submission.
What date did you complete the Starlink installation?
How long did the installation take?
What resources were involved: how many people were involved, tools required, etc.
Were there any unforeseen issues involved in the installation process or additional unexpected costs?
Any advice to offer others that would make the installation process go smoother?
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