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1) What part of the country do you presently live in?
2) For how long will you reside there?
3) What do you know about helpmum?
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4) Rate your commitment level on a scale of 1-10
5) Rate your communication and persuasion skills on a scale of 1-10
6) You have been assigned to a rural community to introduce the helpmum birth kit to the traditional birth attendants, they insist that they do not trust the authencity of the innovation. In 100 words or less, state 4 valid reasons why they should adopt the innovation
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7) In 100 words or less, explain why you want to be a volunteer for helpmum
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8) Briefly explain what you think the goals and core values of helpmum are?
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9) If selected to be a volunteer, what would be your primary aim?
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10) Describe yourself in one word
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