Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Care Package Program Request Form
This form is used to request a care package from Diversity Richmond's Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Care Package Program. This program is intended to relieve some of the economic injustice that trans and gender non-conforming individuals face when transitioning (medically, socially, etc.).

Here is an overview of what each package would include. This list will be updated as donations are received allowing us to expand our packages. If you are interested in donating items to this program, please reach out to for a list of requested items.

Shot Prep Kit (generously donated by Bremo pharmacy)
Alcohol wipes

Menstruation Kit

Feminine Kit
Clothing voucher to Diversity Thrift
Handmade jewelry pieces
Travel sized shampoos/body wash

Masculine Kit
Binder (generously donated by gc2b)
Clothing voucher to Diversity Thrift
Travel sized shampoos/body wash

A note on packages: these packages are available to anyone who is in need of transition-related items regardless of their gender identity, expression, or sex assigned at birth. The packages are labeled trans-feminine or trans-masculine not to exclude non-binary or androgynous individuals but to assess what items you may be looking for.

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