JMEPP Editorial Board Application
Harvard Kennedy School Journal of Middle East Politics & Policy (JMEPP), 2017-2018 Editorial Board
What is JMEPP?
The Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy (JMEPP) is an online policy journal, published at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Founded in 2011, JMEPP presents cutting-edge analysis on the contemporary Middle East and North Africa. We’re committed to presenting new perspectives on pressing problems, addressing complex issues with insightful analysis, and exploring emerging trends shaping the region. Our audience, composed of policymakers, academics, and more casual readers, is interested in policy writing that is forward-thinking, empirically grounded, and accessible.
What are the responsibilities of JMEPP editors?
Your responsibilities as part of JMEPP's editorial board will depend on which of two roles you apply for: staff writer or editor.

Staff writers will be responsible for producing approximately one analysis piece every two weeks. Writers will work with the appropriate regional or topical editor, as well as the chief editors, to plan, produce, and edit their pieces. Visit the JMEPP website ( to see examples of analysis pieces. Applicants for the staff writer position should submit a writing sample via email to

Editors will be responsible for soliciting and editing content related to their assigned country/region or topical area. Please indicate in the application if there is a particular country, group of countries, or topic in the Middle East that you have expertise in. Editors will also produce written content for the journal, but their writing responsibilities will be less intensive than those of the staff writers.

Both staff writers and editors should expect a time commitment of between 2-5 hours per week. Editorial board meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis.

This application is due by Thursday, September 14, 2017 at midnight.

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Which position with JMEPP interests you most? (If Staff Writer, please submit a writing sample to
Why are you interested in this position specifically, and in working with JMEPP generally?
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For applicants to the editorial positions: please indicate which of the following countries, regions, or topical areas you have particular expertise or interest in. (Feel free to fill something in the "Other" section if we haven't listed it).
Please briefly describe three ideas you have for analysis articles (see the JMEPP website for examples).
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Are you interested in working on JMEPP's Middle East Weekly podcast team?
Will you be available for both the fall and spring semesters?
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