Liberated Leaders Fund Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Liberated Leaders Fund!

Building Bridges is dedicated to the vision of a just, inclusive, and liberated world. Achieving this vision requires investing in our community of inclusive leaders, as they are the people equipped to create meaningful change across so many different settings.

Systems of inequality and white supremacy continue to create roadblocks for members of the BB community as they use their skills to transform spaces and relationships. We believe it’s time to invest the resources to remove these barriers where we can as part of our commitment to racial equity.

The Liberated Leaders Fund provides financial resources directly to our community members of color so that they can fully use their leadership abilities - whether that means meeting basic needs or helping pay for development opportunities. This Fund provides flexible, small-scale grants to pay for things like: living expenses, groceries, conference registration, leadership development coaching, supplies, or many other items that will help remove barriers our community members experience in accessing the things they need to pursue their future goals.

To promote racial equity, we strongly encourage those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and other people of color to apply.

All applications will be confidential and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 5-10 business days for your application to be reviewed. A staff member will follow up with your request.
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