Single Sitting(s) - Wedding/Event Info Form
Are you having a kid-free wedding or event and you want to provide a great solution for everyone, but want to have them arrange it themselves? Then this is the form for you!

Please tell us more about your wedding/event so that we can make sure that when your guests/attendees book with us, we have the correct information! Once we receive your form, we will contact you with questions and/or to schedule a call with our team, and then we'll handle everything from there!

*IMPORTANT -- This is only for the Bride/Groom/Planner to complete. This form is not meant to be shared with wedding/event guests.*
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Best number to reach regarding questions about this event.
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What organization is hosting the event? What are the Brides/Grooms names? This will be how we identify this event internally and reference it moving forward.
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When does the wedding/event start? This will help us determine when the sitting should begin.
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When does the wedding/event end? This will help us determine when the sitting will likely end.
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Building name, address, etc. Please include any info that will help us to determine timing for the sitter.
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Please choose all that apply. We will provide info for you to share with your guests.
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Approximately how many guests are you expecting to book sitters? Are you expecting pushback from anyone in particular? Are there any ways that we can support you in standing firm with your kid-free rule (some parents give brides/grooms/event hosts a lot of 'tude about this). Any extra info you can offer is helpful!
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