Come and join the 2018 Boknal Anti-Dog Meat Protest!
The fact that a dog has become 'dog meat' means that the act of illegal slaughter has happened. Unless otherwise specified by other relevant laws (Sanitary Control of Livestock Product Act, Wildlife Protection and Management Act, Animal Experiment Act, etc.), the Animal Protection Act clearly labels and bans killing of animals as an act of 'abuse'. No laws currently govern dogs as 'food' in South Korea. Therefore, their deaths for meat are unjust and illegal.

However, among those who produce, sell, or consume dog meat, no one is ever punished due to the government's ignorance. The number of farms that systematically breed and raise dogs for meat reaches up to 3,000, and a million dogs are killed each and every year. South Korean dog meat trade that raises, slaughters, distributes, and slaughters dogs - legally recognized as companion animal - is persisting by either breaking or staying outside the country's legal system.

In 2018, the Year of Golden Dog, the government should come forward. Its long time, irresponsible excuse that there is no social consensus on the issue has already been proven wrong by the recent poll results announced by Last Chance for Animals(LCA) and ALW. Less then 2 out of 10 South Koreans eat dog meat, and those who are against the brutal practice reaches 46.6% of the whole population. This is more than twice higher than the percentage of those who agrees with the practice(18.5%).

In 2018, the Year of Golden Dogs, they need us to speak for themselves.

On July 17th, the very first day of Bok Season,
right in front of the government building in Gwanghwamun,
we will stand with the deceased dogs and demand the government's responsibility.

Please come join the move!
Together, we can make a big one.

[2018 Boknal Anti-Dog Meat Protest]
Auspice: Animal Liberation Wave(동물해방물결), Last Chance for Animals(LCA)
Organizer: Citizen Coalition to Stop Dog Meat(개식용종식시민연대)

[Time] 2018 July 17th(Tue) 12:30 ~ 4 pm
[Location] Gwanghwamun Plaza (in front of the Government Building)
1) Deceased animal protect in front of the Government Building
2) Funeral March to the Blue House

*** If interested, please fill out the form below even if the show-up on the day is not decided for sure.

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