ASCC recognizes that inside and outside play are competitive by nature, and has pledged to create a positive learning experience where our children can learn the importance of good conduct, teamwork and good sportsmanship while at the same time learn to respect each other while participating in different activities. ASCC also recognizes that our parents and ASCC staff members have a major responsibility to be good role models for their children and expects them to teach and encourage these same positive behaviors.

With this in mind, the ASCC Good Conduct Agreement will be used to help our children understand that they have a responsibility to control their behavior while participating in any ASCC activities. A brief summary of student code of conduct and parent code of conduct can be found in the ASCC parent handbook. You can find the handbook online at, click on teachers/staff from the drop down menu at the top than select after school childcare and click on ASCC Policy or access by clicking the link below. .

* I will show respect to my ASCC staff members and adults at all times. I pledge that I will try and learn as much as I can from my ASCC staff members and adults and listen to what they are saying. I will not interrupt them while they are talking, and I will not distract my friends/teammates while an adult is talking.
* I understand that I am responsible for maintaining my own self-control at all times. I will NOT use obscene language or gestures, and I will NOT intentionally touch or hit (with force), another student, opposing player, ASCC staff member, parent or any adult in frustration, anger or retaliation.
*I will NOT yell at, taunt, threaten, or argue with opposing players/students, ASCC staff members, parents, or adults in public or private and either before, during or after an inside/outside playing time or activities.
* WINNING is NOT everything, It's how we play the game inside/outside. I will NOT place blame or negatively judge my friends /teammates or ASCC staff members/adults based on whether or not my team won or lost a game.
*I will always GIVE my BEST EFFORT- I understand that each person/friend is important and that I will give my best effort at all times.
*I will be a TEAM PLAYER FIRST- I will strive to be a "TEAM PLAYER" first, and will practice GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP by demonstrating positive support for my friends/teammates, ASCC staff members, and adults at every inside/outside activity.
*I promise- to have FUN while participating in any ASCC activities that I participate in and will NOT lose my perspective that- I am here to have FUN, to learn how to play, and to do the best that I can and demonstrate GOOD LEADERSHIP.
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