Dogecoin gold airdrop
Dogecoin Gold is a fan made community driven project for all Doge lovers and serious investors. DOGEG is a decentralised digital currency built on the ethereum blokchain. We are dedicated to bring back the Doge!

What is Dogecoin Gold?
Dogecoin Gold is a decentralized, ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. We put DOGEG together to bring some life back into the old dog. We love Doge and the community spirit that surrounds it. Dogecoin Gold is a group of people bridging community and serious crypto trading.

Dogecoin is a great crypto currency, but the only thing holding it back is its large circulating coin supply. This has seen the coin rapidly decrease in value over the past couple of years. Dogecoin Gold will only have a low total supply of 5 million tokens. And Yes with your help we will get this to the Moon!

Come and follow us on twitter, pull up a seat and lets have chat.
Contract Address:


Name = Dogecoin Gold
Symbol = DOGEG
Decimals = 18

We airdropping 2MDOGEG for community .
First 100 peoples will get 1000 DOGEG each
next 400 peoples will get 500 DOGEG each
next 4500 peoples will get 100 DOGEG each
Next peoples will get 50 each till 2M ...

Refferal program .
We rewarding you for help us to grow our project .
We giving 50% bonus of your refferals to you .
Just like if your referred eligible for get 1000 DOGEG . you ll get 500 DOGEG

Refferal reward 👉 top refferar will get 5000 coins

Top 2-10 will get 2000 DOGEG each .

Top 11-100 will get 500 each extra rewarding bonus .

share this form with your friends and asked them to use your telegram user name as refferar user name

All tokens will be credited in provided ETH on 1st may
Our contract 👉

Dnt forgot to join our telegram channel for eligible participate in airdrop . we ll check menually . and please dnt fill form multiple times . 👉

Our journey to future
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