Safe Sanctuary Quiz
Quiz for 2021 Safe Sanctuary with Franklin First United Methodist Church
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Who are we protecting with Safe Sanctuary
True or False: Those abused almost all the time know their abuser.
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Who is responsible for keeping Safe Sanctuary?
What are the four mains of Safe Sanctuary?
How many people should be with children/youth/vunerable adults when they are together in the building (or even in Church owned vehicles)?
Bonus to above question, can they be related?
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What is the minimum age for a volunteer to over children and youth?
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Is it okay to be alone with children & youth in the building or in a church-owned vehicle?
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I'm in a hurry and I need to drop my youth off at the Church. What should I do?
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Is it okay to have private social media friendships with children or youth?
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What were the four numbers Pastor Chris held up in his 4 module presentation and what is the significance of those 4 numbers?
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