Your MASTERHEART Application
1. How FULFILLED are you in your primary relationship?
Not at all
2. What QUALITY is missing and if it were present you would make you and your partner MUCH HAPPIER TOGETHER?
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3. What do you imagine would be most HELPFUL to you in creating a more POWERFUL and LOVING relationship?
4. How MOTIVATED are you to do what it takes to create more of the relationship you have been longing for?
Not now, thanks.
5. If you were to attend... are you willing to hold in full CONFIDENCE whatever other men share at this private event?
6. If you were to attend... do you understand that it is not a sit back and watch kind of event, but a fully immersive "Lets dive in" and experience the changes you want to create kind of deal?
7. Name please... *
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8. EMAIL to send you a response... *
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9. CELL # (optional) to text you reminders and details and/or to chat if you have questions.
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