Saint Tutoring Curriculum Survey - Math Educators
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is invaluable and I cannot thank you enough for helping me build what I hope will be a great resource to math teachers globally. If you are a former teacher (not currently teaching), please complete this in reference to your last full time teaching position. 

Please include your email to be entered in a raffle to win a $50 amazon gift card! All surveys submitted by Oct.2 will be considered for the raffle.

All information collected is for data/research purposes. In the event that information from this survey is publicized, your identity will be kept anonymous.
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Are you a current teacher or former teacher? *
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What subject(s) are you currently teaching? (Former teachers should answer this based on their last school year teaching).
Select all that apply. 
If selected other above, please specify. 
What subject(s) have you taught in the past that are different from those above? 
If selected other above, please specify. 
Number of years of full time classroom experience.
What is (or was) your certification type? If you are not a Florida teacher, select the certification type that best aligns with your state. *
Did you go through a teacher preparation program at the undergraduate or graduate level?
What are your pain points/struggles when it comes to lesson planning? Be specific.
On a scale of 1-5, how difficult do you find it to incorporate differentiated instruction in the classroom?
1= Not difficult, 2= Somewhat difficult, 3= Difficult, 4= Very difficult, 5= Extremely difficult
Not difficult
Extremely difficult
On a scale of 1-5, how often is it that the resources you use come with materials already scaffolded to accommodate for different student levels in the classroom?
1= Not at all, 2= Rarely, 3= Somewhat often, 4=Very often, 5= Almost always
Not at all
Almost always
Do you use supplemental material in the classroom aside from the standard curriculum provided to you by your school/department?
If yes, what platforms do you use for supplemental material? (Select all that apply)
If selected other above, please specify.
What do you look for in supplemental material when deciding whether or not to incorporate it into your lesson plans/curriculum for the year? (Select all that apply) *
What do you look for in supplemental material when deciding whether or not to incorporate it into your lesson plans/curriculum for the year? (Select your TOP 3 ONLY) *
Is there anything else not listed that you strongly consider when you are purchasing or looking for materials outside of what has been given to you by your school/department? *
On average, how many hours per week do you spend lesson planning outside of your designated planning period?
Does your department/school have a budget for purchasing curriculum or is that something you have to do on your own?
What is the most that you would be willing to invest in this material?
Are you interested in being a part of our BETA test in January 2024 (FREE/NO COST to participate. This is specifically for Algebra 1 teachers)? A sample of the curriculum will be shared with you so that you could incorporate it into your lessons and provide feedback within 1 month's time.

Any participants will receive 15% off when launched (if you decide to purchase curriculum).
Are you interested in participating in a 25 min. follow up interview (scheduled between Sep.28-Oct.6)?
If answered yes to the above question, what day/times works best for you? (Someone will reach out to you to confirm the day/time).

We would like to request your consent to use the data collected for the purpose of analysis and potential publication.

Your Consent:

By continuing with this survey, you agree to the following:

You understand the purpose of this survey, which is to assess the pain points and preferences of math teachers when it comes to deciding which curriculum/supplemental material to use in the classroom.

You voluntarily agree to participate in this survey.

You acknowledge that your responses will be used for research purposes, which may include analysis and publication.

Your data will be anonymized or de-identified to protect your privacy. Your personal information will not be disclosed in any publications or reports.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw at any time without providing a reason. Your decision to withdraw will not have any negative consequences.

You must be 18 years or older to participate in this survey.


We take your privacy seriously. All data collected will be kept confidential and stored securely. Only the research team will have access to the data. Your responses will be reported in the aggregate, and individual responses will not be identifiable.


We may publish the findings of this survey, but your individual responses will remain anonymous. Any quotes or excerpts used in publications will be presented in a way that ensures your anonymity.

Questions and Concerns:

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey or your participation, please feel free to contact us via email at


I have read and understood the above information, and I voluntarily consent to participate in this survey, with the understanding that the data collected may be used for analysis and publication.

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