Using Science and Trusted Sources To Help Iowa Grocery Shoppers Understand Food Labels:
Post Webinar Survey
According to the Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm Index® (a scientific survey conducted byHarris Poll), what are the primary factors driving Iowa grocery shoppers’ purchases?
What percentage of Iowa grocery shoppers read food labels?
Which sources ranked in the top 5 when Iowa grocery shoppers were asked who they trust most for information about antibiotic use in livestock and meat safety?
When Iowa grocery shoppers with concerns about antibiotic use in livestock learned that 1)meat is tested by regulatory agencies to ensure no antibiotic residue is present, 2) farmers must follow strict FDA regulations when administering antibiotics to livestock (including withdrawal times), 3) FDA must approve antibiotics for livestock before they can be used, and 4) farmers work with the veterinarians to administer antibiotics, what percentage of those shoppers said these facts helped alleviate their concerns?
When dietitians visited Erin Brenneman’s pig farm, what did they have to do?
What’s the primary reason Erin Brenneman says her farm is in frequent contact with their veterinarian?
Which government agencies are in charge of regulating antibiotic use in livestock and ensuring no antibiotic residue is present in meat?
FDA instituted new regulations for antibiotic use in livestock on January 1, 2017. What do those new regulations do?
True or False. Meat with an organic or antibiotic-free label is safer than meat that doesn’t include that label.
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