Emeritus Faculty Documentation Project
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The 2017-2018 academic year is a milestone in Stony Brook University history, as it marks the 60th anniversary of the institution.

In an effort to document and preserve the unique and varied experiences of the university’s emeritus faculty, this questionnaire is designed to elicit the personal reflections of faculty members':

impetuses for accepting academic positions at Stony Brook University.
early experiences on the campus.
views on the evolution and growth of the institution.
contributions to departments and to the university.
interactions with academic and administrative leadership.
views on the institution’s role in the community (local and wider).
assessments of the university’s mission and successes as a research university.

Participation Agreement
By completing this questionnaire, you agree to the terms of this project.

All information and responses collected from the questionnaire will be published and opened for research.
This is not an anonymous questionnaire. Please be mindful of this fact if you do not want specific names or places to be published.
Responses will not be edited and content will not be redacted.
The questionnaires will be distributed through the Office of the Provost.
The questionnaires and responses will be collected and maintained by Special Collections & University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Project Contact
Project Director
Kristen J. Nyitray
Associate Librarian
Head, Special Collections & University Archives
University Archivist
t: 631.632.7119 | f: 631.632.1829

Project Consultant
Joel Rosenthal
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of History

1. What is your full name? (last name, first name) *
2. What is your academic discipline, department, and college at SBU?
3. In what year did you begin your career at SBU?
4. In what year did you retire (if applicable)?
5. What is your current academic status or rank at SBU?
6. What position did you initially apply for at SBU and in what department?
7. What was your previous academic position(s) and experience?
8. How were you recruited to SBU? Describe your interview experience and impressions: what did you see, with whom did you meet, and what were you shown on/off-campus?
9. Why did you accept the job offer?
10. How large was the academic unit into which you were hired? What was the balance between undergraduate and graduate teaching, training, and faculty research?
11. How would you assess the facilities and support for the different aspects of your role and in SBU’s mission as a public research institution (laboratories, travel funds, library collections and services, graduate and teaching assistants)?
12. Please describe your research at SBU and contributions to your field of scholarship.
13. Did you have dealings with senior administrators? If yes, please describe. If you served in an administrative capacity, what type and how did it impact your research and teaching?
14. Please describe the physical campus at SBU when you began your career.
15. How would you characterize the neighboring community’s attitude toward the university? Did this affect you? Were you involved in off-campus, local activities?
16. Please describe your experiences with students, student life and/or activism on campus.
17. Today, do you have contact with SBU in an academic context? Have you continued to teach or assist with service functions after retirement? If yes, why?
18. Do you continue to have involvement with your academic unit? If yes, how?
19. What are the biggest differences at SBU from the time you were hired versus today?
20. What has not changed?
21. Upon reflection, are you satisfied with your career at SBU? Why or why not?
22. Please share any additional comments here.
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