College of San Mateo Promise Scholarship Program Student Agreement
College of San Mateo is committed to supporting all students along their educational journeys, creating opportunities to empower students and to promote their personal and academic success.

We ask Promise Scholarship recipients to commit to fulfilling certain requirements that will support the completion of your successful first year at CSM.

Please view this agreement as not only a commitment to the Promise Scholarship Program but also as a commitment to yourself to stay focused and on a path to success.

Failure to comply with the following requirements may jeopardize your participation in the Promise Scholarship Program, and could affect any benefits associated with it.

We congratulate you on receiving the Promise Scholarship and look forward to working with you!
Please fill out the Promise Scholarship Agreement below:

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I will attend the required orientation
I will meet with a counselor to complete or update my Student Educational Plan (SEP) each semester
I will maintain full-time student status at College of San Mateo (at least 12 units per semester)
I will maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and completion rate of at least 51% of units attempted
I will sign and adhere to contract with Bookstore for book usage
If I am struggling in any way, I will contact Alicia Frangos, Student Success Coordinator, or my counselor for support to facilitate my success
I understand and agree to the terms set forward by the Promise Scholarship Program. *
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