Parent Survey
Survey to gauge where epcs is at from your perspective. Your views help make us a better school. Let us know what you think.
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Please comment on the comradery and community spirit at our school (For example; my child enjoys school, coaches, teachers/staff, children and teachers/staff show mutual respect, my child feels welcome and included, other):
Please comment on the classroom/learning environment in its physicality (for example, the classroom is clean and neat, the school looks welcoming, the school is maintained well, other):
Please comment on the parent/staff relationship you and your child has (for example: I feel my child's teacher is accessible, my child's teacher provides me necessary resources, I know what my child's teacher expects from my student, my child's learning needs are accommodated, my child is challenged at appropriate grade level, other): Identifying which teacher may be helpful but not mandatory.
Are there any school related issues that concern you in "out of classroom" areas (sport teams, extracurricular music, finances, website, fundraising, other)?
As a "parent-lead" school, if you could have more influence in any area of the school and its environment, what would you change if anything?
Please comment on the use of communication tools at EPCS (The School Door, Remind, emails)
As a new-comer what could we do to make the transition into the EPCS community smoother for you or others?
Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?
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