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Providing your email address here is mainly so we can reach out if we have any questions, or to let you know when/if we're able to help raise awareness of the update you've informed us of.
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What's the tip you'd like to make IndieCade's team aware of, to see if we can help find a way to help promote it? *
If there's a link to a post, tweet, or video with additional details, that's great to share here! But we'll do our best to look into any information you send our way.
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If you're on the IndieCade Discord, what's your handle there?
This also helps us followup with you if needed. If you're not on the Discord, or are but don't have access to the Alumni channels, feel free to mention that here and we'll reach out to get you set up.
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What's your Twitter handle, or handles, which you would like included on a list of IndieCade Alumni and Members?
It's ok to list multiple, including up to several if a team. If there's a lot listed we may not be able to include all on the list, please begin the list with the highest priority (ex. shared/company/project) ones first.
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