Camp JIM Volunteer Registration Form
Camp Dates: August 4th @ 4 PM - August 9th at 12 PM, 2019
Camp Address: 1026 Camp Jim Rd SW, Pillager, MN 56473
Contact us at (763) 689-2667 or
Camp Director: Cubby Westerberg
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Check all that apply. We ask that you make an effort to stay up the whole week, especially if you are a counselor, but we understand that some helpers can come for only part of the time.
I am willing to serve in the following areas:
Note: you may serve in more than one area. Our greatest need is for counselors.
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Please briefly explain your testimony. Explain why you believe you are a Christian. *
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T-Shirt Fee: $10. Please make checks payable to NWBA Camp JIM or your Church. (T-Shirts are not required)
Is there anything we should know or that you would like to communicate as a volunteer at camp?
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I understand that I must receive a pastor recommendation to be a counselor at camp *
Send this link to your pastor/elder/deacon to receive your recommendation:
Counselor Commitment
I hereby understand:

1. That being a counselor/volunteer automatically makes me a role model to all the kids at Camp JIM, and I will seek to display the example of Christ in my speech, conduct, and attitude while at Camp JIM.

2. That as a volunteer, I must complete volunteer training. More info will be provided after you sign up.

3. That smoking and the use of drugs is prohibited on Camp JIM camp grounds.

4. That a background check is necessary for all volunteers and agree to a background check.

5. That camp is free for volunteers, but if volunteers would like to help offset the cost of camp, they may donate any amount to NWBA Camp JIM.
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