Steele Hill Vacation Club 10K Kick for Cash
Submit your information below, for your chance at $10,000 at a Pirates home game! Proudly presented by Steele Hill Vacation Club; the Official Vacation Resort Partner of the Massachusetts Pirates!

This contest will be held three (3) times throughout the 2021 season. Specific games and times to be determined - Check out for more information on the 2021 home game schedule.
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Contest Rules
By submitting your information into this contest, you hereby agree by the following Contest Rules;

Distance: Kick will occur 40+ yards out. Updated information to be provided to chosen contestants.

Age: Contestant must be over the age of 18 in order to enter contest. A proper I.D. will be required at the time of the contest.

Experience: Contestants cannot have played or coached Professional, Semi-Professional, or College Football, and cannot have played or coached High School Football within the last 5 years.

COVID-19: Contestant MUST supply proper vaccination paperwork, or provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to the contest.

Information: Contestant has provided their most up to date contact information, and has double-checked their submission for accuracy. The Massachusetts Pirates or Steele Hill Vacation Club do not assume responsibility for incorrect or misspelled information provided on this form.

Proprietary: By signing up for this contest, the applicant is providing consent to share personal information among Steele Hill Resorts and the Massachusetts Pirates, LLC. for marketing and outreach purposes. Personal information is never sold to third-parties, nor used under malicious intent.

Contest Rules: Contest rules are subject to change.
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