2021 Stone's Throw Farm CSA Sign-Up
Please use this farm to sign up for a 2021 Flower Share from Stone's Throw Farm. We are now SOLD OUT of Veggie Shares for 2021. Payment instructions are included at the end of this form. Thank you. More information about our shares is available at stonesthrowfarm.wordpress.com.
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Your Contact Information
If you're splitting a full or half share informally with another household, please provide only the PRIMARY contact person here. This is the name that will appear on your share each time you pick up your box. Your contact info will be kept confidential.
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Please supply a phone number where you can be reached in case you forget to pick up your share, etc.
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Required for delivery of the weekly e-newsletter during delivery season. Please list only the primary shareholder's address here, and add any additional email addresses in the next question.
Additional shareholders:
Please list email addresses of anyone else who would like to receive the weekly newsletter and other information from the farm. You can also send email addresses and/or other contact information to me later.
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All are welcome!
CSA Shared Risk Agreement
Community-Supported Agriculture involves shared risk and shared rewards for the farmer and the consumer. Farm members each purchase an equal share of the season’s harvest, not a certain volume or weight of vegetables. Every year your share will be a little different, because every year growing conditions are a little different.

The risk is crop shortages or losses, which would be reflected in your share box. The reward is that if we have a great season, you'll receive a lot of high-quality vegetables! Even in 2012 (the year of the flood), we only sustained a few significant crop losses. The diversity of crops grown helps ensure we always have plenty of good food, and your commitment and support gives us (your farmers) plenty of motivation to work hard and do our best for you.

We’ve enjoyed productive growing seasons in the past and plan for the same this year. Our farm is Certified Organic, and our goal is to improve the health of the soil, plants, animals, and people at Stone's Throw Farm.
For new members ONLY, how did you hear about Stone's Throw Farm, or who referred you to our CSA?
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Flower Shares
We offer shares of flowers grown at Stone's Throw Farm, for anyone who is interested. A Flower Share will consist of a beautiful fresh bouquet every week for 8 weeks, with a target start date of July 21, 2021. Bouquets will be delivered on Wednesday afternoons with your Stone's Throw Farm Veggie CSA share if you have one, or at one of our pick-up sites of your choice (see below). If you will be unable to collect your bouquet on a certain week, you can let a friend pick it up and enjoy it, or talk to Catherine in advance about the possibility of rescheduling your bouquet.
Order Flower Shares
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Choose your pick up site and time:
Please note that all CSA deliveries are on WEDNESDAYS. If you will be out of town on a pick up day, please make arrangements for your box to be picked up and enjoyed by a friend, or let me know by Tuesday evening if you’d like to donate your share to Kids' Kitchen or if you can pick it up at the farm within a few days. Thanks.
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Veggie Shares:  SOLD OUT for 2021
FULL Shares: Each week for 18 weeks (target start date: June 16), you’ll receive a box of veggies and herbs intended for a family of 3-4 enthusiastic veggie eaters. Or, split it among as many households as you like.  HALF Shares: Each week for 18 weeks (target start date: June 16), you’ll receive a smaller box of veggies and herbs intended for 1-2 people.  For payment details, see bottom of page.
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For Full Shares, Choose a Payment Option
If you can pay in full by March 15, 2021, choose the Early Bird Discount option. For the Regular/Installments option, make an initial payment of at least $100 now to reserve your share, and pay the remainder of $440 by June 1, 2021.
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For Half Shares, Choose a Payment Option
If you can pay in full by March 15, 2021, choose the Early Bird Discount option. For the Regular/Installments option, make an initial payment of at least $50 now to reserve your share, and pay the remainder of $310 by June 1, 2021.
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Order Thanksgiving Shares
Please DON'T pay now. $55 for 35-40 lbs of storage vegetables (including winter squash, potatoes, carrots, onions) plus green veggies if available, delivered in early November. Specify the number of Thanksgiving shares you want below:
Order Green Bean Preserving Shares
Please DON'T pay now. Pick your own beans at the farm. Please simply indicate interest at this point.
Order Canning Tomato Shares
Please DON'T pay now. $36/box; approx. 20 lbs of red-ripe tomatoes. Specify the number of boxes you would like below:
Order Basil Preserving Shares
Please DON'T pay now. $12/lb; specify the number of pounds you would like below (2-3 lbs is typical).
Kids' Kitchen Fund
Contributions to this fund are optional.

Again this year, we're collecting contributions to help provide a Stone's Throw Farm share or two for the Damiano Center's Kids' Kitchen, a program that works to make sure Duluth children in poverty have access to quality, healthy food, and information about nutrition and cooking methods. Please help us keep providing veggies for the kids and families that utilize this much-needed program in our community. For more information, see http://www.damianocenter.org/programs.

Again, this is optional, but any amount helps if you're able -- even $5!
I'm sending a contribution to your Kids' Kitchen Fund in this amount:
Payment Instructions
For CSA Shares (Veggie and Flower):  A deposit or full payment is due upon sign-up.

For Thanksgiving and Preserving Shares:  Please order now, but please DON'T pay until you receive these additional items.

Please mail payments to Stone's Throw Farm, PO Box 124, Wrenshall, MN 55797. Checks can be made out to Stone's Throw Farm. Pre-paid envelopes are available upon request. I'll send an email receipt for all payments.

If you prefer to pay via PayPal, simply send your payment(s) to stonesthrowmn at gmail.com via PayPal.

If you are making an initial payment now, the balance is due on June 1, 2021.  Payments can be made in any amount until that time.

If additional shareholders (households you are splitting your share with) are sending payments directly to the farm, please include the name of the "Primary Shareholder" (the person who filled out this form) in the memo line. We'll send you an email confirmation with each payment. If you are unable to pay in full by June 1st, please contact Catherine to work out a payment plan.  

If you have questions about payments or ordering, please contact Catherine at stonesthrowmn at gmail.com or 269-9094. Thanks.
Thank you!
Thanks for being part of our Stone's Throw Farm community! Please follow the farm on Facebook @stonesthrowmn.

Farm members are free to visit the farm at your convenience — please let us know you're planning to stop by.
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