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If yes to above, we highly recommend quarantining new fosters from your pets for 10 days. This will prevent disease transfer and help everyone adjust with the least stress involved. *
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One of the key responsibilities of being a Foster parent is being available to bring the foster pets to Meet and Greet events at area pet stores. Having the animals seen at these events can dramatically increase the likelihood of them being adopted in a much shorter time period. Typically these events are held on Saturdays or Sundays for about three hours. Would you be able to attend adoption Events?
Photos and Videos of Foster Animals *
Can you provide weekly photos/videos and personality descriptions on the HTH Volunteer Group?
Fosters need to be kept until adopted. The length of time required varies by pet and is often reflective of the quality of photos and work effort put into finding homes. The typical commitment is 12 weeks, but can be longer. Will this be an issue? Please explain. *
Fostering is a rewarding process, but it is not without its hardships. It is truly ALOT of work and requires staying power. Fosters may scratch or bite you, they may soil in inappropriate places, steal your food off your plate, or become sick and require you to give them medicine we supply. You need to be prepared for anything. This will be work, but for the greatest good. *
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