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1) I understand the risks associated in investing/trading in capital markets and there can be a substantial loss in stocks/futures/options trading or investment.
2) I understand the services provided are only research services and is not an offer to buy or sell the securities or futures or options index referred therein.
3) I understand I am the only one responsible for the losses/profits made out of using the research services. I also understand that Dhaval P Vyas Investment Research (DPV Investment Research) or its owner or its employees or its affiliates accepts no responsibility or liability for losses or damages incurred as a result of opinions formed, decisions made and positions taken – based on information or view presented herein.
4) I understand that the research recommendations are based on the science of Technical Analysis and therefore, I need to do money management as my investment/trading goals and financial position.
5) I understand that the services provided by Mr. Dhaval P Vyas are of research advisory in nature and the decision whether to act or not on the research service is at my discretion. I am joining the service only for educational purpose.
6) I understand that past performance gives no guarantee for future performance.
7) I understand that Dhaval P Vyas Investment Research or its owner or its employees or its clients or its affiliates may have position in the stocks/futures/options trading or investment discussed or recommended in the research service.
8) I understand that there can be delay in communication of the research service on account of issues like server down, system/hardware failure, internet down, government notifications and therefore, I only will be liable for the losses or profits incurred.
9) I understand that payment once made is non-refundable.
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