WRCM 2019 New & Returning Member Application
Please review WRCM Rules for both Members & Parents before applying.


1. Be positive and committed. Be a team player.
2. Communication: Members must check emails regularly to keep up with the activities.
3. No more than 2 absences allowed for full credit of community hours.
The community hours will be prorated by attendance and participation.** apply to all 4 events**
4. Member Board of Directors: Members in high school are eligible be selected in the Board
5. Presidents: Members with 3 years and up and 11th grade are eligible to participate the president audition in May. 11th grade who becomes President needs to sign consent to participate in WRCM’s event for the 12th grade’s year.
*Please review President’s Eligibilities and Rules for details.
6. Web Club and fundraising campaign club: all members are welcome to participate.
7. NO loud voice during practice, NO running in the practice location, DO NOT move or take any property away from the practice and performance locations.
8. Members and parents are liable if any property is damaged.
9. Members and parents are responsible for their own health/medical insurance.
10. Annual membership fee:
• $90.00 for 10th grade and up returning member
• $80.00 for 9th grade and under returning member
• Additional $10.00 for website one-time fee for all new members
• T-shirt fee - $10.00 for WRCM logo T-shirt
• Annual conducting fee $80.00
• Dues need to be paid at the first practice.
11. P2P Fundraising Campaign: required minimum $300.00/member


1. Communication: Parents must check emails regularly to keep up with announcements/activities.
2. Snacks/drinks: Parents are required to sign up to provide snacks and drinks for members.
3. Safety/roll call/supervision/clean-up: parents are required to sign up safety duty during practice.
4. Parent Board of Directors:
• Parent of 9th grade and up must assume a position in the board or serve safety duty to earn community credits for the member.
• Parent of 8th grade and under are all welcome to serve any positions in the Board but must serve safety duty to earn community credits for the member
WRCM Fundraising Concert @ World Vision HQ in Monrovia
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