School Choice Survey
Thank you for participating in this brief survey. I have created the survey to answer one very important question even though the survey has more than one. There has been a huge debate over Charter Vs Public Schools. My goal is to find out if parents are more inclined to choose one over the other or if it does matter. I ask that you be very open in your responses and feel free to share the survey with others. Results will be posted at if you choose not to leave your name.
Are you the parent/guardian of a school age student? (Please check all that apply)
If you currently have a child in school, are they attending charter or public school?
What is most important to you when selecting a school?
What's most important when it comes to teachers?
Would it matter if a school was charter or public if it offered everything your child needed?
Why would it matter?
Your answer
What state do you live in?
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Do you think parents should have a choice to select which schools their children attend?
Would you like to tell your story about the type of school your child attends or attended and why it was important for you to choose that school? If so please share your name, email and phone number.
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