Midwest Math Circle Interest Form
The Midwest Math Circle is looking for passionate student volunteers who would like to introduce younger students to problem solving and competition math. We are looking for both students interested in teaching and students interested in designing an engaging curriculum (or both).

Classes will be held virtually during the weekends. The commitment is from mid-January to May 2021. We are also looking for experienced students to take on leadership positions within the organization.

This form is just to collect some basic information about you, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
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Are you interested in teaching or designing curriculum? NOTE: We are not accepting teaching-only applications. Please apply for either curriculum designing or teaching AND curriculum designing. *
What is the highest level of math you have taken in school? *
What other kinds of experience do you have? *
If you want to teach, will you consistently be available to teach for at least 1 hour on Saturday or Sunday during the spring (February through May)?
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If you want to work on the curriculum, will you have 1 hour per week on average to design activities and problems?
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If you want to teach, which age groups would you be comfortable teaching? (This is not binding) *
Short Interview!
Before you submit this form, please go to https://calendly.com/midwestmathcircle/interview and schedule an interview time. Please be sure to read the instructions in the Calendly link.

If you're interviewing for a teacher role, please bring the name of your favorite math topic to the interview. Make sure it's something you're comfortable with. Don't worry, we won't quiz you on it.

If you're interviewing for a curriculum role, please bring a question you wrote OR your favorite math question to the interview.

If you're interviewing for both roles, please bring both a topic and question.

Don't stress too much about the interview, we won't be asking you any math questions on the spot. We just want to learn more about you to make sure you're the right fit for MWMC.
Have you scheduled an interview at https://calendly.com/midwestmathcircle/interview? *
How did you hear about MWMC? *
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