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I think ___ is called Ben.
___ do you live with?
I've got a computer in my room, ___ I haven't got a TV.
Dan and his friends ___ football so they never play it.
I ___ see my friends after school. I don't have time.
Christine ___ TV now. She's writing a letter.
Every Saturday Becky ___ into town to visit her aunt.
How often do you go ___ ?
Ben's very good ___ speaking Spanish.
Josh and Maria ___ at home yesterday. They went to school.
We ___ TV last night. We went to the cinema.
Yesterday Ben ___ his breakfast late because it was a school holiday.
We need to buy ___ bread from the shop.
There aren't ___ onions in the fridge
My parents want to buy a new wardrobe to put in the ___ .
John can sing ___ than his brother.
Next weekend ___ some friends at a café in town.
The library is ___ the cinema - on the other side of the road.
Paula ___ wear a uniform at school. She can wear what she likes.
Karen and Jay ___ all their tennis mathces this term. It's great!
Ben ___ TV during the week - he's always too busy.
I went shopping yesterday, but I ___ anything.
___ to play in the park when you were a child?
When we saw Steve on Saturday, he ___ football with his friends.
The ham sandwiches are ___ than the cheese ones.
At the end of a meal in a restaurant, the waiter will bring the ___ .
Dan ___ go to the beach tomorrow. It depends on the weather.
You can go to the skateboard park for free. You ___ to pay.
- Becky's a good friend. - How long ___ her?
The weather's been cold ___ a long time this winter.
Ben never worries when things go wrong. He's very ___ .
If I ___ out with my friends, I always spend a lot of money!
Sorry - I'm late for class, ___ ?
This is the café ___ we sometimes have lunch.
When I'm on holiday, I really enjoy ___ on the beach.
You can ___ a number 55 bus to get to the city centre.
Many of the "James Bond" books ___ in the 1950s.
If i won a lot of money, I ___ it all quickly!
I never wear this T-shirt I bought - I really ___ my money on it!
I didn't see ___ I knew in town yesterday.
Sam usually ___ a bottle of water while he's training in the gym.
Dan hates washing the dishes - he tries to get ___ doing it every evening!
Jon ___ finished his homework yet. He's still got an exercise to do.
How long ___ English?
There's been a major ___ here for two months now, so the gardens are really dry.
I want to play tennis, but ___ soon - look at those black clouds!
I won't improve my football skills ___ I practise a lot more.
Sally's a good friend - whenever I have a problem, she's always very ___ .
Our teachers don't ___ during classes.
Fresh pizza ___ made in that café every day - try some!
My family ___ dinner when I got home from the cinema.
My mobile ___ be in my room - I've looked absolutely everywhere in there!
If this rain goes ___ for much longer, we'll have to cancel the football match.
I know someone ___ sister is a professional skateboarder.
I occasionally get a bit angry with my little brother - he can be quite ___ at times!
"I've got a cold", said Sarah. - Sarah told me ___ a cold.
I didn't work very hard for my test last week - so my result wasn't good. I wish I ___ harder for my test.
I'd rather ___ at home than go into town tonight.
If I ___ late, I wouldn't have missed the bus.
I can easily listen to music and concentrate ___ my homework at the same time.
I don't believe the story that Sam told me. I think he ___ it up.
My brother ___ his computer for only a month before it went wrong.
It was pouring with rain outside, so they decided ___ to the park.
I'm slowly ___ the cold weather in London, but it's very different from my country.
I can send texts ___ on this new phone than on my old one.
I'm really looking forward to my holiday. This time next week ___ on the beach!
My school work is really taking ___ a lot of my time at the moment.
The swimming pool in town looks much nicer now that all the walls ___ blue.
Dan went to ___ yesterday, ready for his birthday party.
I woke up late so I missed my English class. If I hadn't woken up late, I ___ my English class.
My friends and I go swimming during the week ___ we miss the crowds at the weekends.
My friend Jane is always determined to do what she wants - I can never make her change her mind. She's very ___ !
Jon had better ___ late for his first day at his new school.
If only I ___ said that to my friend - she was quite angry with me!
Ben didn't want to go to the party alone - he persuaded ___ with him.
Simon came ___ an old school photo while he was looking through his cupboard.
My family and I ___ be going to Spain for the summer, but we haven't really decided yet.
Let's go into town later and do some shopping, ___ we?
I asked my friend Jack where he'd bought his new watch. "Where ___ your new watch, Jack?" - I asked him.
Last summer, my parents took us all to stay at a place with lots of other teenagers, ___ was a great idea!
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