2018 Do By Friday Secret Krampus
Hello, and welcome to the 2018 Do By Friday Secret Krampus! We love the positive and welcoming community that our listeners have created, and we want everyone to get a treat for making it through this year. That's why we're celebrating in the spirit of beloved Austrian Christmas monster, Krampus.

Here's how this will work:

• You'll sign up using this form
• You will be assigned a gift recipient
• You will pick a treat roughly $20 in value for your gift recipient
• You'll ship your treat to your recipient so that it arrives before Friday 12/21
• You will also receive a gift roughly $20 in value before Friday 12/21

The signup form will close and Secret Krampi will be assigned at 11:59pm CST time Friday 11/23.

We're going to organize this whole thing using the Do By Friday Discord, which you can join here: https://discord.gg/ffEx327

Here are a few more bullet points to read:

• Gifts should be sent to arrive by Friday, December 21st. Please note the location you are sending to and leave plenty of time. Shipping earlier is always better.
• Ask in the Discord if you need help planning a timeline.
• A good target for a gift is about $20 in value.
• Tight on cash and want to send something hand-made? No problem!
• Do you want to spend way more than $20 and shower your gift recipient in treats? Also cool.
• Secret Krampus is about giving a gift that will make your recipient feel excited and connected to this great community. So anything that you put some thought into will go over well.
• You might be assigned a Secret Krampus who lives out of the country. If you can't afford the shipping, just ask for help in the Discord and we'll figure something out.

Please keep in mind that if you participate in this gift exchange, we will share your name, address, and gift preferences with your Secret Krampus. We've implemented an extensive psychological screening process inspired by the hit TV show "Mindhunter" to weed out potential serial killers who might murder you and wear your skin as a suit, however we accept no legal liability if that happens.

Thanks for participating!

- Max, Alex, Merlin, and the Discord Mods

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