Adoption Agreement
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Adopter agrees that the dog will be a house pet and will receive all of the care and attention necessary to ensure its health and wellbeing. Adopter shall provide adequate food, fresh water, indoor shelter, exercise, veterinary care and yearly inoculations as recommended by attending veterinarian, and shall abide by all state and local laws governing dogs. Adopter shall provide the dog with year around heartworm preventative. Puppies shall be heartworm tested within six months of adoption. ADOPTER AGREES TO BRING HIS/HER ADOPTED LAB TO THEIR VETERINARIAN WITHIN 14 DAYS OF ADOPTION FOR A ROUTINE EXAM AND TO PURCHASE HEARTWORM PREVENTION, AND TO SUBMIT PROOF OF VISIT TO KNOX LAB RESCUE.
Cars Kill Dogs!Adopter will not permit the dog to run free, off leash, or participate in any other behavior that results in the lab being out of the immediate control of the owner. When outside, the dog will never be tethered or chained out or on a zip line. *
Adopter agrees to provide adequate indoor sleeping quarters. Dogs are not to be left outside for unreasonable extended periods of time or overnight. *
Adopter will not transport the dog in an open pick up truck bed or in any other manner where the possibility of injury could occur. *
If not microchipped, the adopter agrees that the dog will wear a collar with current rabies tag and ID tag. *
Adopter agrees to contact Knox Lab Rescue immediately if the dog becomes lost or is stolen. *
Adopter will keep the dog for as long as it shall live and will not transfer ownership to another individual. The dog may not be transferred to any other person or organization for any reason.
If custody of the dog must be relinquished, Adopter agrees to notify Knox Lab Rescue immediately to arrange its transfer back to Knox Lab Rescue. Adopter also agrees to transport the dog back to Knox Lab Rescue, to a designated location within 30 miles of the location where the adoption occurred. Adopter acknowledges and accepts that the adoption fee is NONREFUNDABLE. *
The Adopter agrees to take the dog as is, with all its defects, either observable or unobservable, and assumes full risk for the dog from the date of signing this agreement. Though care is given to assess physical condition and temperament of each dog that is accepted in Knox Lab Rescue, and every possible effort is made to provide a dog which is compatible with the Adopter’s home, NO WARRANTY is made as to the physical condition, breed, or temperament of this dog. *
Adopter(s) understands that this adoption is NOT final until this agreement has been completed in its entirety and the adoption fee has been paid in full to Knox Lab Rescue. *
The Adopter(s) assumes full financial responsibility any veterinary expenses incurred after the adoption is finalized. Knox Lab Rescue strongly recommends that the Adopter purchase a pet insurance policy as soon as possible to help with any future medical expenses. *
Only Applicable if A Young Adopted Dog is NOT Already AlteredAdopter will take their new Dog to be spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption to the Humane Society Of The TN Valley for surgery, unless other arrangments are made with adopters personal veterinarian. Adopter agrees to have the dog spayed/neutered and to submit proof of spay/neuter to Knox Lab Rescue NO LATER THAN 30 days from the date of adoption.If the adopters veterinarian states their is a medical reason to wait on a spay or neuter surgery, the Adopter must provide a statement from their veterinarian describing the health condition and the reason that it precludes the dog from having the surgery. The statement must also establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed, and the Adopter will schedule the surgery to be performed at that time. All other terms of this spay/neuter agreement remain in effect. Adopter understands that permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon execution of this agreement, and will not be transferred to the Adopter until the dog has been spayed/neutered. Failure to comply with this spay/neuter agreement will be considered a breach of the adoption contract. In the event that this agreement is violated, the Adopter agrees to return the dog back to Knox Lab Rescue with no refund. The Adopter will also be responsible for any legal fees incurred by Knox Lab Lab Rescue associated with reclamation of the dog.
By signing this form, Adopter indicates that they have read and accept the terms of this agreement. Knox Lab Rescue reserves the right to immediately remove and reclaim the dog from the Adopter(s) if any of the above conditions are violated in any way or it is found that the dog is being abused, neglected, or mistreated. Adopter agrees to allow a Knox Lab Rescue representative to visit the dog, in the adoptive home, to confirm that the terms of this agreement are being followed. If Knox Lab Rescue removes and reclaims the dog, Adopter shall pay Knox Lab Rescue all costs associated with the removal and reclamation, including but not limited to, veterinary bills, attorney bills, and any court costs. Please sign and date
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