Special Olympics Student Volunteer Peer Buddy Application
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ID Number is required. If you don't know, find out.
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Have you volunteered for this event in the past? *
How many years have you volunteered for the Special Olympics Track Meet?
Do you have a pre-assigned duty? (Athletic Trainer, A/V with Mr. Fink, Torch Runner, etc )
Answer Yes or No. If Yes, please list your preassigned duty.
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Academic Standing Acknowledgement *
I acknowledge that I am in good academic standing and that a failure list will be run prior to the event. If at that time I am not passing all of my classes or have unexcused absences, I understand that I may be denied participation in this event.
Participation Acknowledgement *
I acknowledge that I will miss part of the day on April 26, 2018 if I am chosen to volunteer at the LEISD Special Olympics Track Meet and am responsible for making up all work that I missed.
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