UK Delegates
We are considering nominating a new UK Delegate. Whilst we have our own ideas, we would also like to hear from everyone else who wants to have a say.
We intend to increase the number of UK competitions in the coming years and this means that there will be significant strain on resources with the delegates we currently have. We especially feel that progress in the North of the country is being held back by the location of the current delegates, and therefore the ideal candidate would be based in the North.
If you want to consider what makes a good potential delegate, feel free to watch this video: It may not be entirely up to date, but should give a good idea.

The candidate does not need to be a finished product - they can be trained up over time. What we want is someone with good potential to be mature, knowledgeable and motivated.

You are totally free to put yourself forward, or anyone else who you think suitable (or even unsuitable!). Please also provide some reasoning for your suggestions.

Your responses will remain confidential and only seen by the UK Delegates

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What do you think about the current competition situation? Do we need more comps? Bigger comps? More delegates? Better delegates?!
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