Preserving our heritage for eternity - Let us hear your sharing about Wah Yan!
Taking the chance of our Centenary, we are keen to hear your sharing about Wah Yan. Your sharing may be used in our centenary publications, promotions, message to our “Si Dai”, and/or the Heritage Centre currently being planned.

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1. Something about Wah Yan that has changed your life and/or that you are grateful for. (Maximum 50 words.) 一些有關華仁改變了你的生活和/或你感激的事情(最多50字)
2. A memorable story that happened to you at Wah Yan. (50 to 100 words.) 一件在華仁發生的難忘事 (50到100字)
3. A few words you want to share with your “Si Dai”. (Maximum 20 words.) 你想與你的“師弟”分享幾句話 (最多20字)
4. The name of a Wahyanite you regard as outstanding. Please describe him in less than 100 words. 一位你認為傑出的華仁仔 ,請用不多於100字形容他
5. Old Photo(s) or photo of object(s) related to Wah Yan life in the past that you would like to share. Please write down the caption(s) here and send the photo(s) to
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