ADE - don’t welcome sexism, remove Konstantin from the line-ups
We - women, dancers, DJs, writers, bookers, activists and music-lovers - are tired of sexism in the electronic music industry.

In this instance we want to address the multiple bookings of Konstantin during ADE: at the Giegling Showcase at Skatecafé, at Mediahaven (Circoloco x Loveland) and Het Sieraad (NGHTDVSN x Next Monday’s Hangover).

Konstantin’s explicit sexism has been documented in his Groove magazine interview, where he shares his belief that women are naturally worse DJs than men and are given too much support in the industry. See:

Overt sexism by male DJs makes the scene inaccessible and dangerous for women.

The industry, coming together at ADE, has an opportunity to directly address the issue of sexism through booking practice. One that is currently far from a 50/50 divide on line-ups and behind the scenes.

Sexism is not a problem exclusive to this DJ, nor to the Giegling crew. Yet, the fact that they have failed to adequately address his views, and have continued to stand by him, should be taken seriously by everyone in our community: bookers, agents, promoters, audiences and other DJs alike.

Therefore: Konstantin should not be playing during ADE.

Everyone has an opportunity to make their views on this matter explicit. Silence is complicity.

We stand with the intentions of the protestors at Fusion festival who actively resisted the ‘utopian’ festival allowing Konstantin to perform. If we are not heard or visible enough then we will make ourselves heard and visible.

Update: this open letter has received over 2000 signatures now, and we're unable to keep updating the names. We received a lot of feedback and have written some responses here:

We will be organising a panel/workshop during (but not with) ADE on Thursday 18th October at BAUT, Amsterdam to actively and collectively address how to move forward with situations like this, and no, Konstantin will not be speaking.

Co-signing in solidarity with us:

Jo Kali (Rewire Festival)
Helena Naeff
Sophia Seawell
Aura Lydon (Dance With Pride)
Suzan Yücel
Fenna Fiction
Jasmín Hoek (Noorderschip, De School)
Axmed Maxamed (Dance With Pride)
Shamiro van der Geld (Night Mayor of Amsterdam)
Eelco Couvreur (DJBroadcast)
Shane Burmania (The Rest Is Noise)
Lysa da Silva (LYZZA), Sanae Tijou and Jessica De La Cruz (X3)
Leendert Sonnevelt (Glamcult)
varg (Northern Electronics)
Luc Mastenbroek (De School)
Hannes Rooms (Subbacultcha BE)
Jordan Davidson
beste aydin
Kim Oakley (POLY)
Keira Sinclair (POLY)
Karolina Bartczak (POLY)
object blue
Avril (Cómeme)
Emma van Meyeren (Glamcult)
Nina Burer
Gerben de Louw (Queeste)
Fallon Does (Rietlanden Women’s Office)
Tomas Derckx
Jim Fung (Z&Z)
Ruben Baart
xin (Subtext)
Niels van Loo
Elena Braida (Radio Rietveld)
Donelle Kosch
Christine Kakaire
Jon Davies (kepla)
Ushani Karunadasa (Met Andere Woorden)
Luc Nagel (Juxtapose)
Jessica Goodchild
Mathys Rennela
Luke Sutton (Crack Magazine)
lerato khathi (Uzuri )
rachel grace almeida
Alex Rigby (Calypso)
Roo Honeychild (Club Comfort)
Dorien van Linge
Anja (Creamcake, 3hd Festival)
Toby Wareham (The Pickle Factory)
Jay Duncan
Aeneas Panayiotou
Charles Drakeford
Flora Yin-Wong
Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Charlie Clemoes
Nikki Hock
Laetitia Deering (Annex)
Arif (Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee )
ogerio Sitaldin
Jake Williams (No One's Watching)
Jessica Farley (Rhythm Sister)
Kat Young (music tech person)
William Mclean
Alice Gordon (Kiia)
Simon Denby (Percolate)
Olivia Leadbeater
Daan (Garage Noord)
Liv Ayers (Rhythm Sister)
Bo Hanna (Journalist)
Debora Ipekel (Boiler Room)
Emma Symes (Pomba Girls)
Arthur Cayzer
Jochem van Bruggen (Radiant Love / Dance with Pride)
Tony Poland (Boiler Room/Netil Radio)
Hannah Lindo
Léa Ben Saïd (Assistant editor of The Waveform Transmitter)
Aidan Hanratth (Bandcloud)
Daan van Engelen
Arturo Polizzi
George Nebieridze (Photographer)
Aurora Mitchell
Octo Octa
Affa Alizadeh (Upfront Producer Network)
Raklo Westland
Jason Garden (Olin/smartbar)
Luis-Manuel Garcia (Room 4 Resistance / U of Birmingham)
Katja Berends (Het Actiefonds)
Callum Barker
Bridgitte Galarraga
Ailish Brennan
Goutham Bhaskaran (The Accountant)
Nina Posner
Sophie Dogterom
Violet (Naive / Rádio Quântica)
Richard James
Aodhagán O'Flaherty
Anne van Waveren
Daisy - Mae Paton (Brixton Jamm)
Sylvain Adam (Montgomery International)
JEM / Joe Europe (Ransom Note / Ears Have Eyes)
Alex Wright
Jay Carder - DJ
Violet Hawthorn - DJ & Producer from Detroit
Amelia Emma Forrest
Heather Robbins
Tara (DJ, NYC)
Matt Lightfoot
FOQL (Oramics)
Tim Hinson (Dance For Refuge)
Claire Hall (GIRL)
Matias Suomalainen (TRAX CASINO)
Tiago Biscaia (BORSHCH Magazine)
Vanessa Cantinho de Jesus (Soundciety)
Simon Heartfield
Kevin Heller
Chandler Shortlidge (Journalist)
Annelle Akanova
Photonz (Quântica / mina)
Peder Mannerfelt (Produktion)
Mini Maxwell
Jason Zuzak
Ellen King (Gash Collective, ELLLL)
Aodhagán O'Flaherty
Iain Lowis
Roeland Otten
Charles Leahy (System out Sound / Cranial Handles)
Matt Pidgeon (Less Effect / MN2S)
Daphne Kramer (project manager)
Ida Blom
Sage Caswell
Nikki Manuputty (Noorderschip)
Nina Tillberg (Apelago)
Lukas Fischer
Dj Mowmix
Nuala Ginty (PR)
Maarten de Boer
Davide Lombardo (Engineer)
Dýrfinna Benita (Countess Malaise)
Guglielmo Barzacchini
Joseph Minto
Shedbug (Salt Mines)
Angela Donskaia
Ashlyn Behrndt
Katarzyna Stuczynska (Annex Agency)
Gemma Roberts/Agent
Yira Ahne (VICE)
Wendella Sharbutt (teacher/DJ)
David Kennedy
Alex Köppel
Philip Punch
Ben Alexander (Cosmic Incantations)
Anna Herber
Rachel Quigley
Chloe Harris
Julia Christian
Ben White
Mick Groeneveld
Carin Abdulá (OUTER)
Beau Eckhardt (engineer / producer)
tadao kikumoto
graham bertie / nautiluss
Nelly Samardzic (PA)
Paul Crognale (Bokhari)
Body in the Thames (InterGraded)
Katherine Anderson (DJ)
Odiel van de Nobelen
glauco negen-negen
Ali Wade
Diego Meijers (SPIELRAUM)
Alex Tsirisis (Rhyw / Cassegrain)
Alex Tsiridis (Rhyw / Cassegrain)
Big Miz
Louise Gierveld
Zosia Hołubowska (Sounds Queer?)
Sliptide (Sean Armstrong/0HP/Seattle DJ Academy)
Jacen Solo (artist)
Yvonne Chen (Say Yes Asia)
Monster (Oramics)
Pépe (Lobster Theremin/ Renascence)
Florian de Beus
Silent Season
Yvonne Chen (Say Yes Asia)
Nightwave (Maya Medvesek)
Brandon Sanchez
Yvonne Chen (Say Yes)
Luke Dubuis (Resonate)
James Rogers
Kristin Malossi
Sam Karam (Anti Skate / 199 Radio)
Sarah Ginn (Fabric/Photographer)
Eoin Murray
Maya-Roisin Slater
Jon Arnold (Super Drama)
Joya Blaauw
János Kimmig
Matt Learmouth (Alchemy PR)
Chris Holten
Ali Mehrkar
Cal McKinney (Negative Space [Ma])
Phil (RVNG / Commend)
George Trotter
Rupert Taylor (xxxy)
Simone Eleveld
Martin Andersson (Discobelle)
Louis Helliker-Hales
Daan Knijnenburg (student Heritage & Museum studies)
Ben Mason (Freakish Pleasures)
lukas plevokas
Gareth Psaltis
Shelley Parker
Randolph Riback (nyc)
James King
David Cornelissen (noorderschip)
Shelley Parker
Dedek Putput
Maria Ivanova
Arthur Groenendaal
Cody Morrison (High+Tight)
marum (mina / suspension)
georgie sinclair
Anastasia Kristensen
Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)
Ruby van Hoorn
Dustin Thierry (Because I Say So)🏳️‍🌈
Rich Kelly (Washy Tapes)
Harry Gitelman / Rouse (Brouhaha)
Harry Woolley (Student/dj&promoter)
Joris Talens
Julia de Koning
Sébastien (Field Records)
James Ball
Wojtek Wcislik
Harry Basil-Jones (Student & Dance Music Enthusiast)
Ido ten Berg (advocate that music should bind)
Rosa Klerkx
Andy Taylor (Noods Radio)
Skylarr Beek
Julia Kisray (Boiler Room)
wendy wang
Christian Edward
Chris Knight (Cervo / Banana Hill)
Robbert van zinnicq bergmann (music lover)
Frederique van Waning (Resident Advisor)
Julie Lynne Weber
SJ Walton
Emma Levie
Camille / Berlin Disaster (DJ)
Tom McGuinness (Friendly Potential / Promoter & DJ)
Laila Cohen
Zilla Boyer (feminist)
Rumah (blueprint records)
Ryan Huff / DJ Sagepay
Billy Gomberg (SF, Dinzu Artefacts, Students Of Decay)
Ryan Huff / DJ Sagepay
Tom Stiedl (Rye Wax/Fold)
Eric Moon (person/producer)
Abstraction (Apogee)
Olive T (NYC)
Lavender Llama
Emma Hall-Phillips (promoter)
Luz (Room 4 Resistance)
Luisa Cativo (thug unicorn)
Luz (Room 4 Resistance)
Barbara Jurkic / Room 4 Resistance
Berend sallows
Diogo Justino (DJ/Designer)
Ruben Verkuylen (BAKK)
LISALÖÖF (Moonlight)
Mike Jedlicka (Optic Echo)
Machine Woman (🤖)
Laura Jackson
overland (sweat equity/naive/acid friend)
DJ Lettuce
Eclair Fifi (NTS/LuckyMe/RiverRapid)
Fionn Murphy (Anomaly)
Claire van der Mee (artist)
Cooper Saver
Stella de Jong
Maymind (atlantic rhythms / umor rex)
Lychee (DJ, Spontaneous Affinity)
Korey Samuel
Shanti Celeste
Joeri Woudstra (Torus/Laser Club)
Ivy Barkakati (
Denis Wouters
Sentimental Rave (dj producer)
Marea Stamper (The Black Madonna/Smartbar)
Christian Eede
Shcuro / José Acid (Sombra / Paraíso)
Sam (worldwide FM)
Ros Lynch (Patrúin)
Declan McGlynn
Stephen Flynn / Eureka
Teresa Cristina
Sapphire Slows
Brian Durr (Diskotopia)
Steven Feiler (Public Works SF)
Leon Davis
Alex Saad (student/producer)
Harry Murdoch (Cherche Encore)
Pez Alado (feminist group from Colombia)
Alex McGeagh (Noctuary SF)
Victoria Macdonnell (Musician)
Amber Amber ( journalist/ Saint Hollywood party)
Nathan Smith (Octo Champ / 2k-OK)
EJ Woodall (Semi Peppered)
Russell E.L. Butler
Richard Holhburn
Lovefingers (ESP Institute)
Gabe Meier (The Astral Plane)
Lil Mofo
Emma Isabella Karlsson (DJ)
Yusuke Uesu
Ashley North
James (Where To Now?)
Miah Benton (In Training/Heaven is in You)
Kels Davidson (maneater)
Fanciulla Gentile (The Creatrix)
JSAL (Pattern Loading)
Melizards (Chroma Being)
Megan Mitchell (Cruel Diagonals)/musician
Jesse Sappell (Motion Ward)
Dana Lee
Andrea Salgado (dj/music fanatic)
Kathleen Banville
Hiromi Matsubara (Romy Mats | HigherFrequency/解体新書)
Heidi Lawden /DJ/Manager
Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi
Craig Birrell
Nick Minieri (graphic artist)
Chad Beisner
Amad Ilyas (The Global Club)
Tim Klaver
David Marroquin (Vanity Press Records)
Samanta Leurink
Beaner (La Mission)
Tienen de wilde
Anuraag (Cool Room)
Roza Terenzi
Aryu Jassika (Swak)
doc sleep (r4r)
Gideon van Melle
Thomas Feriero (Veyl)
Maud Canisius
Lushelection (((({}))))
Isaac Linder (Abstract without Abstraction)
Paulina Żaczek (Szpitalna 1)
Ed Macovaz
Antye Greie-Ripatti
Mary Lake (dj)
Mim / MitamineLab
Friendly Potential
Nine Balk
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Stephan Mathieu
Lara Rix-Martin (Planet Mu/Objects Ltd)
Barry Ferguson
Stephen McEvoy (tuuun / FLUF)
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Michael Johnson (BAARD)
Dan Hobbs (Nocturne)
Pär Grindvik
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koji udagawa
Dean Muhsin (Bear.Management)
Ombra Elettrica
Margaret O’Sullivan (Femmepop)
Alexander van der Meer
Wild Anima
Ricardo Brouwer
Effy (DJ / Radio Rhino)
Roy Schrijver
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Robbert Saam (AMS)
Alexandra V. (Welia)
Thomas Debacker (room4resistance)
Liam Robertson
Josh Doherty (I Love Acid)
Natascha M Olga heijns (syndicate the agency)
Edo Wiersema Sascha Riezebeek (Artist Handler)
James Holdsworth
José B
julie tonna
Luke Machin (LMR)
Georgie McVicar (Stray Landings)
Ben Butterworth
Brittany Bowie
Almaty Lara Golz (Golden Medusa/Leisure System)
Lara Golz (Golden Medusa/Leisure System)
Fleur Constandse
Ron van de Kerkhof (futura)
Juha van 't Zelfde
Andrew Lee
Kasey Riot (Hotline)
Viviane (Apelago)
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Martine Bults
Teddy Uijttewaal
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Yoren Lausberg (goes to clubs sometimes)
Paulina (dancer, music lover, occasional dj)
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Felix c
Danielle Arielli
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Natan Presman
John Twells (FACT)
Emanuel Sundin
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Bobby Analog
OS Community
Grace Hardman
Franka Wijngaarden
Barry Davies ( One House Artists)
Jasper van der Put
Elizabeth Plokker (The Conscious Club)
Robert Vosmeijer
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Sven Bijma (SPIELRAUM)
Daan de Wit (LAB111)
Fallon MacWilliams (Hustle PR)
Melissandre Coudray-Naud
Rudi de Groot (Reach)
Elisabeth Schaduw
Bruno Silva (Ondness/Serpente)
Kilian Linnekamp
Karel de Kleijne
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Femke Campbell
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Eoin Hennessy
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Tala Drum Corps (cultfarm)
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The Darkraver
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Natalie Kelapire
Dj Pattex
Nathalie Weatherald
kleine pia (dawn's daughters)
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Manuela Gama Malcher (Tavolo Suono/Queer Lab_Macao)
Ryan Haughney
John Bailey
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Lauren Franklin
Helene Bradley (Citizen Helene)
Natureboy Gold (Common Narrative)
Jakub Walczak (regime brigade)
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Lotte knippers
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Olivia Lapsley Scott
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Frank Kloos
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