Fenn Treasure Searcher Questionnaire
PLEASE READ: This is a brief demographic questionnaire regarding the search for the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Answers to all the questions are required. All the information you provide is held in strict confidence until you choose to release some of it as part of the process. Your email address and phone number will be used only as part of the development of your searcher profile, and for no other reason. Thank you for participating! Shelley & Toby of A Gypsy's Kiss
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Fenn Related Forums
Dal Neitzel's Blog
Fenn-related Channels on YouTube
Google or Other Search Tool
A Gypsy's Kiss on YouTube
A Gypsy's Kiss Blog
On the average, how much time do you spend in Fenn-treasure-related research each week? *
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