I am SO excited to share some info with you about this new group which will be focusing on nutrition!
We will be using 2 different nutrition programs that I have personally used and had AMAZING results with, and received my certification to help my clients and customers be successful, too!

Want to know more before you invest? Have questions? Which program would be a good fit for you? How does the group work? Are workouts included? What kind of results can you expect to get? Will I get help? What about meal planning?

ALL of your questions will be answered and then YOU can decide!
I lost 9 pounds and 6 inches - eating MORE than I ever had before!
I am looking for people who:
...have a fitness routine they love but need more support with nutrition.
...cannot exercise but want to focus on nutrition.
...have a lot of weight to lose and want to start with nutrition before introducing exercise in to their routine
...have kids who are picky eaters (maybe a picky husband too) and want to have the tools and support to encourage yur family to eat well, but also ENJOY what they are eating!
...don't have a fitness or nutrition program they follow but they want to really go all in and add an extra focus on their eating habits AND have a fitness program to maximize results!

*If this sounds like something you would benefit from, please answer the questions below so that we can discuss your goals and my recommendations to help you achieve them!
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