Exploring Issues Around Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour
This form will take about 8 minutes to fill in. Thank you for taking the time. We are studying people who act out sexually in an inappropriate way, and worry about committing, or have committed an illegal sexual act(s). This survey is entirely anonymous, confidential and no personal information will be shared. Our aim is to use the information to demonstrate a need for more therapeutic help for those at risk of committing a sexual offence, or re-offending.
Clear selection
What is your sexual orientation
Which part of the UK do you live in?
Tick the one(s) that best describe your sexual activity
Clear selection
If you served a sentence could you briefly describe the crime and the sentence
If you have behaved illegally, have you 'been caught' by the police?
What age do you think your problem started?
Which of the following statements are true for you as a child
Which of the following statements are true for now?
How would you rate your current self esteem?
Very low
Very high
Clear selection
Please tick the answers that describe you
Have you tried to seek help for your sexually inappropriate behaviour?
Clear selection
Before you came across StopSO - how easy was it for you to find help?
Do not include the help StopSO is giving you in this answer. Instead think about how easy it was when you approached other people/agencies, to find the help that you needed
Very easy
Clear selection
Who have your sought help from?
Was the help forthcoming
Clear selection
When you did get help, how beneficial was it?
Very unhelpful
Very helpful
Clear selection
Which behaviours do you (or have you) engage(d) in
What support to stop this would be helpful?
Any other comments or anything else we should know?
How honest have you been able to be in this questionnaire?
Not at all honest
Completely honest
Clear selection
Are you male, female or other (please specify)
If you have 'crossed the line' and committed a sexual offence, was it a
tick all that fit
If you committed an offence, please fill in fuller details here about the type of offence you committed.
if it involved a child, the age of the child. If it involved illegal images, the kind of images, etc
If you committed an offence, how old were you when you committed your first sexual offence
As well as your age, please give any extra info that would be useful for us here (eg if you have committed a number of different types of offences, what was the first offence)
Did you seek help for this, and if so why? What was the trigger that got you thinking you needed to actually get help?
If you did not seek help, what is it that stops you from doing so?
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