SACC - Club Key Information and Web Site Contacts
This questionnaire is to collect contact details of the club's officers, and optionally other contacts.

This information is for two distinct purposes:

1. To help the Association keep in touch with the club - hence the request for the Secretary's postal address as well as officers phone numbers and email addresses.

2. To update the lists of club contacts on the Association website (go to SACC Clubs page , find your club and click "Events + Contacts" to see how the information is displayed).

This form is NOT for listing the clubs voting representatives at SACC meetings, there is another form for that.

The form contains separate pages for:

Club Information
Chair Person
Child Safeguarding Officer
Other Contacts

You can move from page to page by using the "Back" and "Continue" buttons, so you can go back over your answers before you submit them; but be aware that once you click Submit you will not be able to recall the form to make changes.

If you do need to add or change anything after you have submitted the form, for instance to add another contact, you can start a new form and only fill in the new person, plus of course the name of the club. Or you could just email the secretary.

Note that this form does not update the database immediately, the request is held until actioned by the secretary.

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