Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) in strategic collaboration with MNCs/LLCs has established a nurturing programme called Halal Sourcing Partnership Programme (HSPP) with the objective to create new business opportunities for local companies in the halal industry.
Through the programme, selected halal SMEs will receive a series of coaching and facilitation from both HDC and MNCs/LLCs to enhance their capabilities towards the SMEs Internationalization.

The scope of the programme consists of briefing & pitching, preliminary visit, coaching & facilitation.

Understand the basic requirement to become suppliers to multinational companies
Explore business opportunities with multinational companies.
Series of coaching and facilitation towards the SMEs internationalization.
*limited to selected Halal producers only

Required Products:
Ingredients Sector :
Food Flavour
Fruit Concentrate
Fruit Juice
Dehydrated Vegetables
Dried Fruit
Chilli Paste Concentrate
Chicken / beef Powder
Chicken / beef Fat
Fruit Preparation
Processed Food :
Ready mix Flour - Cake, batter, pancake, coated batter
Fried onion
Fruits - fresh/dried
Salted fish/dried fish
Spread - jam, kaya
Frozen seafood
Frozen food
Coconut candy
Beverages Sector :
Energy drinks
Fruit juice

Non- Food Product :
Personal Care(Toothpaste, haircare, skincare etc.)

Should you interested to join us, kindly fill up the evaluation form below.

Note :
Only selected SMEs will be invited for the pitching session with large / multinational companies.

For further queries, do not hesitate to call Mrs. Liza Sudarto or Mrs. Marianna at 037965 5555 (ext 524 / 590) or email to

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