Feedback on How Mayflower Council Can Better Support You
Please provide your feedback on how Mayflower Council can better serve you and to improve Scouting in our council.
What is the one thing you wish the council or district would do to better assist you as a volunteer?
Mayflower Council is always looking for new ways to raise the needed funds to provide a high quality Scouting program. Do you have any suggestions of how we can better accomplish this?
Given the information you have today how confident are you in sending your child to a summer time program offered by the Mayflower Council?
What information is needed for you to feel more comfortable in having your child participate in a summer time program offered by Mayflower Council?
With 70% of our leaders Youth Protection Training expiring in 2020, what can we do to encourage our leaders to retake this course now?
What suggestions would you have to assist with increasing the percentage of leaders trained in their position?
If you have participated in any of Mayflower Council's virtual events (campfire, training opportunities, den meetings, pack meetings, etc.) what suggestions would you have for improving them?
What ideas would you like to see continue as a way to encourage cooperation and participation throughout the council?
Please consider sharing your name and contact information so we may follow-up with you regarding your suggestions.
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