IAR Announcement Request Form
Please use this form to request an announcement to be made at the Islamic Center of Raleigh. These announcements will be made on some or all the following IAR communication channels:
• Bulletin Boards
• Weekly Community Emails
• After Jummah Audio-Recordings
• Display Monitors in the Lobby
• Website
• After Daily Isha Prayers

Announcement Guidelines:

1. Announcements should be short, to the point and clear. If it requires more than 3 minutes to edit, it will be discarded.

2. The person requesting announcement must provide contact information. This contact will be used for further clarifications if needed.

3. All weekly announcements must be submitted by 5:00 pm of Wednesday evening (no exceptions).

4. We have a limit of ten (10) announcements per week. The criteria for the cut-off first come, first served.

5. In case of an emergency such as death or an accident, provide a written announcement to the Imam leading the prayer

6. All announcements at IAR premises must be made by the Announcement Team. However, under special circumstances, the Announcement Team may delegate this task to other person.
Persons wishing to announce by themselves must get prior approval from the Announcement Team.

Please Note: All announcement requests are subject to approval by IAR administration.
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