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Who Is My Neighbor VBS Participant Registration June 4-8, 2017; 5:30-8:15 pm.  *Please fill in all information*
Name of participant:____________________________________
Participant’s address:______________________________________
Age:______ Grade completed:_______ T-shirt size_____________
List all known allergies and conditions:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Information:Name of parent/guardian:______________________________  
Parent/guardian address:______________________________________
Parent/guardian phone number:_________________________________
Pick- Up Information:
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Please list persons, other than parent or guardian, who are authorized for pick-up:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please list any person who are NOT authorized for pick up:_____________________________________________________________________________
Emergency contact:
Telephone number:___________________________________________
Relationship to participant:________________________________________
Photo/video release:
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In the event that we make photo or video slide show of normal ministry events and functions, I give permission for my child to be included in those photos or videos, which might be placed online.
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____Yes my child can be included in them.
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____I don’t wish for my child to be included in them.
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By signing this form I am hereby giving permission for the above named person to participate in and travel to and from events sponsored by Welti Cumberland Presbyterian Church for the duration of the time listed above. In case of accident or injury, permission is granted for medical treatment to be administered, as needed. I acknowledge that, in the event of injury or accident, our own medical insurance takes priority. In the case that I/we are not adequately insured in the case of injury or accident, I agree personally to assume the risk for our family and ourselves.  I also, agree to cover the cost of any damage my child may cause to the facilities they will be using. I also acknowledge that the church is not responsible for the loss of personal property.  I agree to come transport my child home if they disqualify themselves from any event. Disqualification may occur if my child commits a major violation such as inappropriate sexual conduct, possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances, or unwillingness to follow instructions of the youth leader/chaperon/camp/retreat director in charge. The youth leader/chaperon from Welti CPC will determine if disqualification is necessary. I also agree not to hold Welti Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Hope Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Southeast Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, and/or the adult chaperone's responsible for any injury or damages my youth may incur.
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Signature of Parent/Guardian:  ________________________________________  Date:  _______________
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