New York Diploma Privilege Petition & Examinee Impact Survey
This petition and survey are designed to collect data that supports our coalition's fight to implement a diploma privilege in New York.

Section 1 allows you to sign this petition for a diploma privilege. Whether you're a recent graduate, professor, or a practitioner, we thank you for your support! Note, we have received over 1600 signatures on the Court of Appeals letter and are no longer accepting signatures at this time in anticipation of submission to the Court, but you can still sign the petition and complete the examinee survey (if applicable).

If you are a recent law school graduate who registered (or intended to register) for the New York Bar Exam in September, or if you registered in another UBE jurisdiction for the purpose of applying for admission by transferred score, you will be directed to complete a ten (10) minute impact survey. The purpose of the impact survey is to collect data to present to the Court of Appeals in support of alternatives to the in-person September exam.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this survey, please email
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