NAAS Event registration: Mammoth Fly-In November 2-4 November 2018
Event :NAAS Event registration: Mammoth Fly-In November 2-4 November 2018
Event Address: National Aeromodelling and Willie Emmett Field Canberra ACT
Contact us at 0416015712 or 041428116 email web
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Sunset over NAAS main flying field.
Spectator viewing area
Large scale WW 2 Aircraft @ NAAS
All MAAA registered pilots most welcome. Primarily large models, 80" mono or larger , but if you want to be part of this great experience bring what you have.
WW1 Aircraft at NAAS
The event is intended to be a fun event along with plenty of space in which to fly large models. There is also a growing social relaxing aspect to this event, with BBQ dinner on Friday night and the legendary Weber cooked Roast lamb dinner on the Saturday night.
NAAS Dinning area
NAAS Canteen facilities
Father (WW1) and Son (WW2) photo
Canteen with cold drinks, coffee and tea, and the usual BBQ items will be available all weekend including breakfast.
Shower facilities are available for anyone wishing to camp along with other amenities.
NAAS Shower Facility
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