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Thank you for your interest in Furzona! Please fill in all fields to the best of your ability.

Notice: Furzona uses Google Forms only to gather the information you provide. We do Not collect any personal information such as email addresses. Any information your provide in this form will never leave outside of Furzona. Data submitted to this form is encrypted, and can only be viewed by management staff. By submitting an application, you acknowledge this.
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Initial Formalities
The following questions are simple questions we need to collect in order to be able to reach out to you and to help schedule you.
What position are you interested in? *
If you select "Manager Position" you will be asked about which management position you're interested in later. Additionally, positions marked "Fulfilled" are currently satisfactory, and while we are accepting applications, we are not actively hiring for Fulfilled positions.

Please be aware that while Furzona will accept all manager applications, we prefer to work with applicants on a professional level for around 8 months while as a member of our team prior to formal consideration.
Second Life Username *
This will be either something like John.Smith or JSmith.Resident - Do not use Display Names!
Discord Tag *
Furzona uses Discord for All Staff communications, you can copy your Discord Tag by clicking on your name in the bottom left of discord. Ex; JonSmithr#0001
When did you register for SL? *
This is the day you created your account, found in your Second Life Profile.
Preferred Pronouns
We want to make sure we address you properly, please let us know if you have any preferred pronouns.
What's your Timezone?
When are you available? (SLT / PST)
This is to get an idea of when it's best to contact you.
On what days are you available?
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